Agroforestry Quiz


What is agroforestry?Guama seeds

Agroforestry is method of agriculture that integrates trees and shrubs amongst existing crops. By taking advantage of the natural benefits of trees, small-scale farmers can use agroforestry to improve soil quality and produce more using less land, easing their burden and reducing the need to clear more forests for agricultural lands.

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Question - Not Required - What is a global benefit of the use of agroforestry?

Question - Not Required - In which countries is EcoLogic utilizing agroforestry?

Question - Not Required - Agroforestry is an excellent alternative for what type of agriculture that is commonly used worldwide?

Question - Not Required - What plant does EcoLogic use in our agroforestry projects?

Question - Not Required - What kinds of crops can benefit highly from agroforestry?

Question - Not Required - Other than increasing carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution, why else is the slash and burn agriculture method ineffective?

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